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Do you know the exact direction to reach Newcastle airport? Well don’t worry as nothing is impossible to do. Mostly you will see people being haunted and irritated by just not knowing the directions. They say that if the direction of our destination is not known then it can increase our stress levels and we can be frustrated at that very moment. But now it is no more a problem that can't be solved. You can solve this issue within minutes and seconds.

There are online directories and location maps that can help you reach your exact destination. Also there are so many applications that are available on the Smartphone. These applications help you to identify the location and then reach your final destination with no stress and frustration at your end. The airport of Newcastle is located at the north east side of the region. A1 is the particular road that you will take and lead on. This road actually links to a number of places. It passes the center of the city and then directly will lead you to the airport. So if you are taking this route then you can directly reach the Newcastle airport. At every corner of Newcastle you can get the details on distance and the approximate timings that will lead you to your destination.

When you know about the exact locations and the distance then you can plan your trip and your travelling timings. In this article I will tell you the locations and their timings. Leeds from Newcastle takes 2 hours. If you are coming from Manchester then it will take 3 hours to reach Newcastle. People coming all the way from Glasgow will reach in 3 hours. If you are coming from Carlisle then it will take you to reach Newcastle in 75 minutes. If you are coming from the north side then you will take A1 road as you can reach the Newcastle airport directly. If you are coming from the west then you will take A69 road. This road will take link you directly to A1 road. And lastly if you are coming from the west then there are three routes that you have to follow. First you have to take A69 road and then it will link it with A1 and then in the end it will link directly to A696 road. This way you will reach Newcastle airport within minutes.

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